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Rad Mission

It is our mission to avoid being "twinsies" or "samesies". Have you ever gone to a party and quickly saw 2 or 3 other kids wearing the same shirt as your kid? Although kids are always cute, and twinning can sometimes be fun. We also believe that it is important to be "one-of-a-kind". If a t-shirt helps express that unique individuality in a child, then we ask that you choose to wear a Radisrad tee to that next b-day bash. That way you won't be sad like this little girl below.

radisrad no more twinsies

Radisrad shirt designs are inspired by good feelings that we had as a child. We hope that that when you look at our designs, it brings a smile to your face and transports you to time when life was simple, technology was minimal, and cartoons were RAD!